Real Estate

We work with different kind of properties, houses, land and comercial properties such as hotels, restaurants etc.. The prices vary a lot mainly because of how close to the beach the property is and also depending on what beach it is close to. There are some few beach front properties but because they are not really fully legal there can be risks with to purchase such property. There are also a lot of houses that are further into the jungle, this is a kind of property for nature lovers.

See here some of the properties Puerto Viejo Property has to offer:

Project with one 3 bedroom house and 3 apartments, 2 pools and only 200 meters from the beach in Cocles, Puerto Viejo. U$ 430,000 See all photos and information here!
The large pool

1* New built house in Playa Negra in Puerto Viejo
House for sale in Playa Negra, kitchen - Iiving room

2* Modern house in Playa Negra, built with high quality material!
Modern house for sale in Playa Negra, built with high quality materia

3* Wonderful sea view land area, prepared for development in Cahuita!
Wonderful sea view land area fore sale, prepared for development in Cahuita

4* Development land area in Bribri

Development land area available for sale in Bribri

The whole Puerto Viejo and Cahuita area is quite undeveloped, but there are two different construction material shops for the investor/builder that needs material for his project.

This is an area that gets interest of different kind of buyers, from pure investors that purchase land and will hold onto it for years for appreciation. There are retired people that want a new home to live in and there is younger entrepreneurial people that sees the potential for to set up a new business in the area.

For to understand a little bit more about Real Estate in Puerto Viejo we have a short explanation of the area here:

In the Caribbean part of Costa Rica we have the cities/villages of Cachuita and Puerto Viejo, the last is a lot bigger than the other one. After Puerto Viejo there is a main paved road that goes 12 km down to Manzanillo where the road ends. And on the way to Manzanillo there are other villages such as Cocles that is the first large beach down south, this beach is the most people on the beach and it is close to Puerto Viejo. Here in Cocles the waves can be big and it is the favorite beach for the surfer crowed. Cocles has several hotels and there is a lot of Holiday Rentals in this area. Further down in Cocles we have the new Tourist Police station also, and in the end of the Cocles beach the reefs starts and also the natural pools inside them, this part is Punta Cocles. Some kilometers further down we have Playa Chiquita and after some kilometers again we have the Playa Punta Uva.

Just a little bit north of Puerto Viejo we have the beach of Playa Negra (the Black Beach that is named after the black sand on this beach). There are a lot of smaller hotels and also one of the more luxury hotels in Puerto Viejo the Banana Azul Hotel, which has their own beach chairs. There are also a lot of Holiday Rentals located here.

The real estate market in Puerto Viejo is mainly houses, there are some apartments but they are still quite few. There are still very few luxury properties in the area (both for rent and for sale), but for sure there will be more of them in the future when the tourism grows.